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Revised OCA Statutes

The Revised OCA Statutes can be found HERE.

Scriptural Guidelines for Parish Conflict Resolution

Information on Diocese Insurance Coverage

His Eminence, Archbishop MARK, has released a message regarding insurance coverage for the Diocese. The new policy will require ALL parishes to abide by the carrier, Church Mutual's, policy on sexual misconduct, in addtion to those of the Orthodox Church in America.

Read His Eminence's message regarding Church Mutual HERE

Read Church Mutual's Policy on Sexual Offenders HERE

Read Church Mutual's Policy on child and youth abuse prevention HERE

Letter of Transfer

Orthodox Christians moving to another Diocese/parish should complete this Letter of Transfer

Orthodox Stewardship

An article reviewing proper Orthodox Stewardship can be found HERE.

Why Orthodox Christians are not Cremated

A document written by Fr. John Toulumes explaining the policy and beliefs of the Orthodox Church regarding cremation can be found HERE.

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