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Who We Are

The Most Reverend Mark
Archbishop of Philadelphia and the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania
Synodal Liaison for Departments and Commissions of the Orthodox Church in America

Address: 325 North Walnut Street • Bath, PA 18014-1201
Phone: (484) 281-3406
Email: vladyka.mark@gmail.com
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Chancery Administration
Rev. Martin Browne
Address: 452 Durham Road • Wrightstown, PA 18940
Phone: 570-906-1388 

Mark Linnehan
Email:  treasurer@doepa.org

Gregory Polk
Matushka Sharon Hubiak
Gloria Bench
Protodeacon Sergei Kapral

Administrative Staff
Assistant to the Archbishop for Communications
Aric E. Gingo
Address: 160 Shadetree Road • Shavertown, PA 18708
Phone: 570-417-1546

Additional Administration
Diocesan Council
His Eminence, Archbishop MARK, Chair

V. Rev. Raymond Browne, Chancellor

Mark Linnehan, Treasurer
Ex Officio - Deans:

V. Rev. Nicholas Solak III, Wilkes-Barre Deanery

V. Rev. Timothy Hojnicki, Frackville Deanery

V. Rev. Victor Gorodenchuk, Philadelphia Deanery


Fr. Seraphim Reynolds, Wilkes-Barre Deanery
Deacon Peter Staller, Frackville Deanery

Protodeacon Peter Skoog, Philadelphia Deanery 
Deacon John Shingara, Clergy Delegate-at-Large
Herman Almasy, Wilkes-Barre Deanery

Russ Charowsky, Frackville Deanery

Danalisa Radu, Philadelphia Deanery
Blake (Sebastian) Crews, Lay Delegate-at-large
Metropolitan Council Representatives
V. Rev. Timothy Hojnicki, Clergy Representative
Matushka Sharon Shingara
, Lay Representative
Gregory Polk
Matushka Sharon Hubiak
Gloria Bench
Protodeacon Sergei Kapral

Diocesan Spiritual Court
V. Rev. Nicholas Solak

V. Rev. Martin Browne

V. Rev. Victor Gorodenchuk
V. Rev. Timothy Hojnicki

Office of Church School Education and Curriculum
Matushka Emilia Shepherd - Interim Director
Office of Young Adult Activities
Clergy Advisor:
V. Rev. Timothy Hojnicki
Interim Youth Coordinators
Katy Hubiak
Dimitri Ressetar
David Drobish
Rebecca Oliver
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