Article VI
The Church Officers

Section 1


The Church Officers shall be a Chancellor, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. Church Officers assist the Metropolitan and the Holy Synod in the administration of the Church and work with the Metropolitan Council in carrying out its particular competence. The Chancellor, Treasurer, and Secretary, together with the Metropolitan, also serve as corporate officers of the Church. Those holding additional positions may be designated as Church Officers by the Holy Synod and the Metropolitan Council, as needed.


The Church Officers work under the direct supervision of the Metropolitan and report to him, the Holy Synod, and to the Metropolitan Council of which they are ex officio members.

Section 2  

Terms of Office

The Church Officers are nominated by the Metropolitan and confirmed in their positions by the Holy Synod, upon endorsement by the Metropolitan Council. The Metropolitan Council establishes the compensation and benefits for the Church Officers. 

Church Officers are employees terminable without legal cause and can be dismissed by the Metropolitan with agreement of the Holy Synod and the Metropolitan Council. The effected Church Officer shall not vote when the Metropolitan Council considers matters concerning his or her dismissal.

Upon the election of a new Metropolitan, Church Officers remain in their positions for no less than six (6) months after the election in order to assure a smooth transition in the administration of the Church.

Section 3  


The following matters are within the competencies of the Church Officers. The Church Officers shall: 

  1. Assist the Metropolitan and the Holy Synod in the administration of the Church;
  2. Serve as official representatives of the Metropolitan when so designated;
  3. Serve as ex officio members of the Metropolitan Council;
  4. Report on all aspects of their duties to the Metropolitan, the Holy Synod, the All-American Council, and the Metropolitan Council at regular intervals and as directed;
  5. Discharge their fiduciary responsibilities in a clear and transparent manner;
  6. Manage the financial resources of the Church responsibly and with integrity and report on their activities in a clear and transparent manner;
  7. Assure the proper maintenance of both the active and archival records of the Church;
  8. Have direct oversight over departments, commissions, committees, offices, and boards of the Church; and
  9. Perform such duties as assigned to them by the Metropolitan, the Holy Synod, and the Metropolitan Council. 

When the Office of the Metropolitan is vacant, the Chancellor shall safeguard the particular patrimony of the Office of the Metropolitan until a new Metropolitan is elected.


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