Article XVII

Section 1

    This Statute may be amended by a regular All-American Council or an extraordinary All-American Council called for that purpose. An amendment can be proposed by the Holy Synod, the Metropolitan Council, Diocesan Assemblies, Diocesan Councils, Deaneries, Parish Assemblies, Parish Councils, Monasteries, and Seminaries. 

Section 2   A proposed amendment must be submitted to the Commission on Canons and Statutes at least ninety (90) days prior to the date set for the convening of an All-American Council. The Commission on Canons and Statutes shall consider proposed amendments and may either approve, consolidate, or return proposed amendments.

Section 3   Final drafts of proposed amendments, together with recommendations of the Commission on Canons and Statutes, shall be disseminated at least sixty (60) days prior to the date set for the convening of the All-American Council.

Section 4   An amendment of the Statute requires a two-thirds majority of the delegates of an All-American Council present and voting.

Section 5   Upon adoption, amendments take effect immediately upon final adjournment of the All-American Council unless otherwise indicated in the amendment itself.


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