Article XIV
Stavropegial Institutions

Section 1


The term stavropegial refers to certain monasteries, theological schools, institutes, chapels and organizations that are under the immediate canonical supervision and pastoral care of the Metropolitan in his capacity as Primate of the Church, inasmuch as the purpose, mission and activities of these institutions typically extend beyond the limits of a single Diocese to the entire Church.

The purpose, mission and activities of a stavropegial institution, including any auxiliary or affiliated operations, shall be consonant with the teachings, canonical tradition and moral principles of the Orthodox Church.

Section 2  


Establishment, suppression, or significant change in purpose of a stavropegial institution requires approval by the Holy Synod, acting at the request of the Metropolitan, after consultation with the Metropolitan Council concerning any matters within its competence.  Stavropegial institutions are regulated by the present Statute, by such regulations as may be established by the Holy Synod, and by their own charters and governing documents.  Every stavropegial institution shall incorporate as a religious, non-profit corporation in accordance with applicable civil law, and shall submit copies of the relevant documentation to the Metropolitan, who deposits them in the Church archives and fully and accurately reports on the matter to the Holy Synod and the Metropolitan Council.

Section 3  


Every stavropegial institution shall submit an annual written report to the Metropolitan, and through him to the Holy Synod and the Metropolitan Council, concerning institutional life and activities.

Every stavropegial institution shall submit on an annual basis audited financial accounts, including those of any auxiliary and affiliated operations, for review by the Church’s Auditing Committee.


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