Article XI
The Deanery

Section 1


A Deanery is a specified administrative district, within the boundaries of a Diocese, usually encompassing parishes in a defined geographical area, and established by the Diocesan Bishop in consultation with the Diocesan Council.

Section 2  

The District Dean

The District Dean is a priest who heads a deanery. He assists the Diocesan Bishop in the administration of the Deanery.

The District Dean shall be appointed by the Diocesan Bishop from among the Parish Priests of the Deanery in consultation with Deanery clergy or as provided for in the Diocesan Bylaws.

Section 3  

Competence of the District Dean

The following are within the competence of the District Dean. The District Dean shall:

  1. Oversee Deanery matters and the activities of its clergy;
  2. Assist the Diocesan Bishop by giving direction and fraternal counsel to deanery clergy in areas of pastoral concern in a private and circumspect manner, whenever their personal conduct or manner of discharging their duties indicates the need for such counsel or action; 
  3. Receive and investigate complaints against clergy and laity and against the decisions of parish bodies and submit his report and recommendations to the Diocesan Bishop;
  4. Participate in parish meetings at the direction of the Diocesan Bishop;
  5. Participate in parish meetings at the request of the Parish Priest or the Parish Council with the permission of the Diocesan Bishop;
  6. Provide for services during temporary absence of parish clergy with the consent of the Diocesan Bishop;
  7. Assist the Diocesan Bishop in the planning and organization of new parishes within the Deanery;
  8. Convene periodic meetings of Deanery clergy and submit the minutes of the meetings to the Diocesan Bishop; and
  9. Submit an annual report on the Deanery to the Diocesan Bishop and the Diocesan Assembly.

The District Dean shall fulfill other duties entrusted to him by the Diocesan Bishop.

Section 4  

The Dean of Orthodox Military and Veterans Administration Chaplains

  1. The Dean of Orthodox Military and Veterans Administration Chaplains is appointed by and directly responsible to the Metropolitan.
  2. The competence and duties of the Dean of Orthodox Military and Veterans Administration Chaplains shall be the same as those of the District Deans as described above insofar as they are applicable.


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