Dear Prayer Supporters,

            Greetings in the Lord!

            I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for taking time to remember me in your prayers. 

            It already has been three months of living in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  Pentecost was a  joyful scene!  In Church people held various shades of green leafy branches and wheat.  At Divine Liturgy we had a Romanian, American and Irish priest.  We were participating in our own real Pentecost together with many others around the world. 

 Slowly I am learning different things about myself that I did not see before.  I am learning from Romanian mothers how to cook healthy foods necessary for my body to have the energy  so I could bike to and from my Romanian lesson, and to have the energy to converse and understand Romanians.

My language skills are improving and I am volunteering at the St. Dimitrie Program and the Protection of the Theotokos Family Center.  At the St. Dimitrie program, I volunteer to serve food to the homeless and to wash the dishes.  The program is short staff for the soup kitchen and I go over once a week to help them.  At the Protection of the Theotokos Family Center (PTFC) I go there twice a week and I spend most of my time with the babies and the caregivers.  I play with the babies and feed them and change their diapers.  There are about six babies that are under the age of two that come almost every week.  At both of these activities I am grateful to listen and practice my Romanian. 

I hope to write another update in a few of months.  Our partnership is important to me and may God help us to keep laboring in His vineyard.

In Christ,

Christina Semon

P.S.  My first OCMC newsletter from the field has recently been mailed out.  If you have not received a newsletter and would like to receive one please email me your home address.  Thank you.

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