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What is Orthodox Christianity?

A three-part movie exploring Orthodox Christianity entitled "What is Orthodox Christianity" by Fr. Daniel Mackay
is available for viewing HERE.

October 2nd is College Student Sunday

Beloved Clergy, Godly Monastics, and Blessed Faithful,
We greet you with joy as we announce the date for College Student Sunday, benefiting Orthodox Christian Fellowship. To support the incredible efforts of our students, College Student Sunday will be the first Sunday of October, running in conjunction with OCF’s Orthodox Awareness Month. This year, the date falls on OCTOBER 2.

Bishop GREGORY of Nyssa, Liason to the OCF for the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops, has released an encyclical regarding this important day. Please read it HERE




Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, for the second month this year the Diocesean Website saw over 10,000 visitors! Thanks to all who make this wesbite part of your daily routine. We strive to keep the website fresh and updated, but much of it depends on YOU. Ten thousand eyeballs is a pretty significant audience - even if ONLY ONE PERCENT of the viewers were non-Orthodox "searchers," this represents 100 potential new Catehchumens. Is YOUR parish represented here? Is your parish a REGULAR contributor? Does your parish have a website? Facebook presence? A parish photographer? How often does your parish reach 10,000 people? In the 21st Century, the internet is the vanguard of Evangelism. Are you there?


Building a Church in Mechanicsburg - UPDATED! 8/31/2016

FOLLOW THE PROGRESS!  For the past 3 years, Holy Apostles Mission in Mechanicsburg, PA has been planning on moving from the office space multi-purpose chapel/hall, to a more permanent and accommodating facility. After a lot of meetings, struggle, prayer, and patience things have begun to move!
On June 30, the feast of the Holy Apostles, after a moliben for the beginning of any good work was served on the property with the relics of our heavenly Patrons, the township issued our building permit. In late July the footers were dug and the preparation work was done. On the feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross the walls began to go up.  After a slight delay due to some kinks that needed to be worked out, the roof trusses were set in an impressive manner on Monday, November 16. You can track all of the progress on the construction of the new building HERE.

Holy Apostles Building Fund


Dearly beloved,

Holy Apostles is making tremendous progress in erecting their new worship space. Unfortunately, as with any construction there are unexpected expenses and delays that are quite costly. Any donations to move this project forward would be greatly appreciated. To make a donation, click HERE

+Archbishop Mark

As many of you know, for a number of years St. Stephen's Cathedral has been hosting a Diaconal Formation Program of St. Tikhon's Seminary.  We've been working on expanding this program to also allow for training of layity who are not planning to pursue Diaconal ordination but are active members of their parish and help out in various positions.  This program gives participants foundational knowledge of Orthodox Theology, Church History, Scriptural interpretation and Typical, so it can be especially important for those involved in Catechetical work, Sunday School (especially teen/high school level) and cantors/choir directors. More information HERE.

The Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry

The Mission of the Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry is to bring the love of Christ to those who are in prison by providing encouragement, material support, transition and reintegration guidance, Christian education, spiritual guidance and the sacramental life of the Church. How can you help?

Toward the Great and Holy Council: Retrieving a Culture of Conciliarity and Communion

A presentation on Ancient Faith Radio you can listen to HERE.

Proposed Templates for Parish By-Laws / Constitutions *UPDATED MARCH 2016!

Christ is in our midst!

Here you will find two recently revised "Proposed Templates" for parishes desiring to adopt a set of By-Laws or Constitutions where there are none or update them in cases where the old By-Laws are incongruent with the Revised Statutes of the Orthodox Church in America or simply out of date. We welcome feedback on these "Proposed Parish By-Laws."  According to Federal Law regulating Non-Profit Organizations, every Non-Profit must have a set of By-Laws and follow them.  Those who do not endanger their tax exempt status as well as leave their parish council members open to personal liability.  The same could also be said of parishes that have bylaws but do not follow them..  

By Laws            Constitution

+ Mark, Archbishop of Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania


Important Message Regarding Diocesan Insurance

His Eminence, Archbishop MARK, has released a message regarding an upcoming change with Diocesan Insurance which will require parishes to abide by the new carrier's sexual misconduct policies. Please review these policies.which can be found HERE.

Revised OCA Statutes

The revised statutes for the Orthodox Church in America are now available. The Revised Statutes are the governing document for the Orthodox Church in America, its' Dioceses, and Parishes. Please review the Revised OCA Statutes HERE.

Fr. Alexis Trader: Being Christian in a Post-Christian World

The following link will take you to a series of four guest posts from Fr. Alexis Trader, a priestmonk and spiritual father of Karakallou Monastery on the Holy Mountain, and author of In Peace Let Us Pray to the Lord: An Orthodox Interpretation of the Gifts of the Spirit.

Fr. Alexis has recently released a new book and it is about his new book that he now writes.  CLICK HERE TO READ

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