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To submit your Graduation Information For Alive in Christ

Congratulations! You are approaching the end of a long journey. But don't sit back and relax just yet! Share your good news with the Diocese by submitting your photo and biographical information for publication in our annual Alive in Christ graduate issue.

What to submit:
A photograph - a head shot will be published in the magazine. The photograph must be ready for print - it has to be a large, high quality image. JPG format is common and acceptable.

A biography - include ONLY the following information:

Graduate's name
Parent's Names
Where you graduated from
Future plans

That is all we have room to publish. Any other information will be edited out, and any omissions will be left blank.

How to submit:
If emailing, please send a JPG image (common format) and the information listed above separately - NOT as one microsoft word document. The easiest thing is to type the info as an email and attach the photo.

email information to:

mail information to:
aric gingo
160 Shade Tree Road
Shavertown, PA 18708

DO NOT TEXT MESSAGE ANY INFORMATION! Sorry, but photos cannot be returned. Deadline is June 30.

To submit your news item to the Diocese

A comprehensive guide for submitting your news story, photos and announcements has been developed and can be found HERE.

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