Preparing for Diocesan Center Move • Bath
"Many hands make for light work"

Friday September 7th we had an impromptu workday at the new Diocesan Chancery. Mr. Jim O’Brien of Holy Trinity Catasauqua worked tirelessly on patching holes in the walls of the office area and sanding in preparation for painting. Danalisa Radu of St Stephen Cathedral continued her work on lining the kitchen cabinet shelves, the butler pantry shelves and unpacking dishes, pots, pans, etc., as well changing the shower curtain and mats. Russel Charowsky went into the attic at one of the hottest times of the year to run electric for the installation of a ceiling fan and wall switch. He also installed an over the range microwave oven / range hood.
On Saturday, Jim O’Brian and his; lovely wife Helen vacuumed, painted all the offices and reception area in the basement. The only room remaining is the Conference room. Danalisa continued to faithfully, prepare the kitchen. Joanne Yurconic of Holy Trinity Catasauqua continued her work on the landscaping, giving a full military cut to our overgrown shrubs under the supervision of her mother. Jim O’Brien came again on Monday and installed wiring for a garage door opener and an outlet for the refrigerator.
Meanwhile, Matushka Sandra Kopestonsky and Matushka Emelia have been diligently working up on packing for the move to our new Diocesan Chancery. May the Lord bless the work of their hands, as we would not have been able to move so quickly without their dedication and tireless labors.
By the Grace of our Lord, we hope to be fully ready to begin loading the truck Friday evening September 14 and the following. We will then drive to the new property, unload and setup our new Chancery. Presently, we still need some minor wall repair in the conference room. It will then need Kilz applied and painted. The family room also has some wall repair and needs to be painted.

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