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Christ the Saviour Gathers for Matins of Great and Holy Friday - 04/05/2018

On Thursday, April 5th our community gathered for the Matins of Great and Holy Friday, commonly known as the “12 Passion Gospels”. We were reminded of our Lord’s betrayal, longsuffering in enduring cruel injustice, scourging, and crucifixion for our salvation.
It was a great blessing to have Fr. Seraphim Reynolds of Holy Ascension in Lykens, and Ss. Peter and Paul in Minersville here assisting us!
(Holy Friday 15th Antiphon)
Today He who hung the earth upon the waters is hung upon the Tree. The King of the angels is decked with a crown of thorns! He who wraps the heavens in clouds is wrapped in the purple of mockery! He who freed Adam in the Jordan is slapped on the face. The Bridegroom of the Church, is affixed to the Cross with nails. The Son of the Virgin is pierced by a spear.
We worship Thy Passion, O Christ! 
We worship Thy Passion, O Christ! 
We worship Thy Passion, O Christ! 
Show us also, Thy glorious Resurrection!

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