Veterans Christmas Dinner • Edwardsville

St. John the Baptist Sunday School Enjoys Christmas Dinner with Veterans - 12/16/2017

On Saturday, December 16, 2017, the Sunday School of St. John the Baptist conducted their annual Veteran’s Christmas Dinner at the Veterans Center near their parish.
The Christmas dinner, as well as a Thanksgiving Dinner in November, is one part of the Sunday School’s ministry. Teacher Shirley Gingo conceived the visit as a way to get to know our neighbors. The Sunday School prepares a home cooked meal including Ham, potatoes, vegetables, drinks and desserts. The Christmas dinner ends with gifts for all of the veterans, and wishes for a great holiday.
Over the previous four years the Parish has broken bread with and shared fellowship with the veterans, to the point where both groups look forward to seeing each other every year. Many of the veterans joined the parish for their annual community Christmas concert the following day, one even providing his sound system for the event.

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