2007 St. Tikhon's Summer Camp

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On Sunday July 8th, St Tikhon's Summer Camp kicked off. This year there are over 120 campers and 40 staff members. The theme for this year is "An Attitude of Gratitude." Activities will include learning about the Divine Liturgy, Proskomedia and baking Prosphora. Campers will enjoy swimming, paddle boating, fishing and a multitude of organized sports and recreational activities. Each day begins with prayer, followed by breakfast and room cleaning. Throughout the day, campers participate in workshops and arts and crafts. The day ends with Evening Prayers and a light snack.

Our Teen Program consists of workshops and lectures, sports and recreation, as well as fun in the kitchen, with "Ethnic" cooking. The theme for the teens is "Tradition", where they discuse the traditions that are unique to our Orthodox Faith.

Please keep our camp program in your Prayers.

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