His Grace, Bishop MARK visits Christ the Saviour - 09/14/13

On Friday, Sept 13th and Saturday, Sept 14th His Grace, Bishop Mark visited the community of Christ the Saviour (Harrisburg). He led the gathered clergy and faithful in the Vespers and Litya service, and we were blessed to have been able to participate in the special Elevation Rite, reserved for an occasion when a hierarch is celebrating the Feast. At the Divine Liturgy we were joined by Fr. Timothy Hojnicki and the faithful of Holy Apostles Mission. Along with Bishop Mark, our communities gathered around the Cross of our Lord, as the "Standard of Victory" and enjoyed that Unity which is the fruit of the Cross - the very Body and Blood of Christ!

Come, ye faithful, let us adore the life-giving wood, on which Christ the King of glory, stretched out his hands of his own will. To the ancient blessedness he raised us up, whom the enemy had before despoiled through pleasure, making us exiles far from God. Come, ye faithful, let us adore the wood, through which we have been made worthy to crush the heads of invisible enemies. Come, all ye kindred of the nations, let us honor in hymns the cross of the Lord. Rejoice, O cross, complete redemption of fallen Adam. With thee as their boast our faithful kings laid low by thy might the people of Ishmael. We Christians kiss thee now with fear and, glorifying God who was nailed upon thee, we cry: O Lord, who on the cross was crucified, have mercy on us, for thou art good and lovest mankind. (Hymn of the Feast, Tone 2)