Holy Trinity Orthodox Church hosts Annual Altar Boy Retreat - 08/22/13

Altar Boys from the Wilkes-Barre Deanery were welcomed to Holy Trinity Orthodox Church by Fr. David Shewczyk on Thursday, August 22, 2013. The Altar Boys participate in a spirited game of kickball with Fr. David and Fr. Daniel Kovalek. The President's entourage made a pass over the kickball stadium, and play stopped to view the gigantic plane. Photographic evidence shows that Fr. Dan MAY have "bent" the rules a bit, as the question of "leading" in Altar Boy Intramural Kickball is still under review by the Diocesan Sports Bureau. Following the game, the boys shared a meal and got to know each other. The afternoon ended with a game of "capture the flag." Friendships were made, and the boys look forward to next years' gathering, where a kickball rematch (and clarification of the rules regarding "leading") will be first on the agenda. Thanks to Fr. David for hosting this worthwhile event, and thanks to the Altar Boys who attended and shared Orthodox fellowship.