Matushka Theodora Ressetar retires after 35 years of service - 06/02/13

On Sunday, June 2nd the community of Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church recognized M. Theodora Ressetar with a luncheon and program as she retired as our parish choir director. She held the position of choir director from August 1978 through May 2013 - a 35 year ministry! Perhaps most impressive is that simultaneous to this position she gracefully ministered with her husband, Fr. Daniel Ressetar, as "Matushka" for 48 years, raised three sons, and for many years she served as Sunday School coordinator. She also continues be active in the Altar Guild and local FOCA chapter, as well as countless other parish activities - many known only to a few, and some known only to God! 

We pray that God will continue to bless M. Theodora with "Many Years"! Mnogaya Lyeta!