Celebration of the Resurrection - 05/06/13

Throughout Bright Week, our community gathered to continue our celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection. On Monday we were joined by members of Holy Apostles Mission for the Divine Liturgy. 
That same evening Fr. Nicholas Molodyko Harris served the Paschal Vespers (St. Alexis Toth); On Tuesday evening Fr. Alexander Atty served the Paschal Vespers (St. John the Theologian); and on Wednesday evening Fr. Daniel Ressetar served the Paschal Vespers (Prophet Isaiah). 
On Bright Friday, as is our custom, we will join our local Orthodox communities - Holy Trinity Cathedral (GOA), St. Nicholas (SER), Christ the Saviour (OCA), and Holy Apostles (OCA) to celebrate the Divine Liturgy and the feast of the Life-Giving Spring, at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Camp Hill.
Aposticha Hymn at Vespers for the Life-Giving Spring
With hymns of wonder, let us, the faithful, praise and glorify the heavenly cloud that lets fall upon the earth the heavenly Rain, the life-giver Christ! He is the living divine Water that eternally pours forth the Ambrosia of nectar that never diminishes even after it has been drunk, but which dispels the thirst and also refreshes our soul. As we drink of it with wisdom, the most divine streams shall come forth from our hearts, and shall shower us all with bountiful grace.