Passing on the Art of Pysanky in Edwardsville - 03/30/13

On Saturday, March 30, 2013, the Sunday School Students of St. John the Baptist Oethodox Church, Edwardsville, along with guests, were introduced to the art of Pysanky by long-time Pysanky artist, Eugene Gingo. The youth learned how to use the kistka to apply melted wax onto their eggs, dye their eggs with various colors, and finally remove the contents of the egg, resulting in a finished Pysanky for the Great Feast. Many thanks to Eugene Gingo for his time and effort to pass this art on to a new generation of Pysanky Artists, and thanks to the students and guests who spent a beautiful morning at Repella Hall.

Gabrielle Kosierowksi, Ivan Gingo and Maxim Gingo carefully work on their eggs.
Talia Kosierowski decorates her egg.
Adding color to an egg.
Vladimir Gingo in a rare moment of concentration.
Gabrielle Kosierowski applies wax using a kistka.
Maxim Gingo examines the results of his labor with Eugene Gingo.
Ivan Gingo hard at work.
Vladimir Gingo applies wax to his egg.
Ivan Gingo applies wax to his egg.
Maxim Gingo applies wax to his egg.
Maxim Gingo practices his geometry.
Carefully applying the pattern to the egg.
Almost done! Burning the wax off of the finished egg.
Maxim Gingo watches his design appear.
Talia Kosierowski carefully removes the wax from her egg.
Vladimir Gingo removing the wax from his egg.
Vladimir Gingo, Maxim Gingo, Gabrielle Kosierowski and Ivan Gingo proudly display their finished eggs.
Eugene Gingo giving instruction to Gabrielle Kosierowski.
Maxim Gingo applying wax to his egg.
Gabrielle Kosierowski and Ivan Gingo work on their eggs.
Vladimir Gingo carefully applies wax with his kistka.
Tools of the trade - dyes.
Beeswax and Kistka.
Talia Kosierowski gets a glimpse of her egg from Eugene Gingo.