A Busy Weekend at Holy Apostles - 04/21/24

On Saturday, April 20, Holy Apostle Orthodox Church's Annual Children's Lenten Retreat, led by Fr. Timothy Hojnicki, Rector of Holy Apostles Church, focused on the theme "Path to Pascha." The children of the parish explored the significance of Lent and Holy Week through four activity stations, including learning sessions on key days like Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday, crafting personal "Path to Pascha" books, decorating Pascha candles, and making stained glass cross cookies. Simultaneously, the LOL (Living Orthodox Lives) youth group enjoyed an outing while returning for a spaghetti supper and Great Vespers where afterwards the life of Saint Mary of Egypt was read. Volunteers played a crucial role in organizing these educational programs, fostering a deeper understanding of Orthodox traditions among the youth. Glory to God for their dedication!

On Sunday, April 21, the Fifth Sunday of Great Lent, Holy Apostles Church hosted clergy and faithful of the Frackville Deanery, the Orthodox Council of Churches of South Central PA (OCCSCP), and the area for the final Lenten Vespers service of the season. Fr. Hector Firoglanis, Rector of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Lancaster, PA, offered the homily on the life of Saint Mary of Egypt and how she serves as an example of hope for repentance. Afterward a Lenten supper was prepared by the parish and served, providing an opportunity for fellowship and sharing among the clergy and faithful. Glory to God for all things!