St. John the Baptist Celebrates the Feast of Feasts - 04/15/23

On Saturday, April 15, the community of St. John the Baptist welcomed many friends, visitors, travelers and our Parish Family to celebrate PASCHA, the Feast of Feasts.
Following Nocturnes, those gathered had candles lit by Fr. Peter Henry and proceeded outside for the processional around the church. All re-entered the temple with joyous shouts of Christ is Risen! Paschal Matins led into a joyous Divine Liturgy, and a communion line that led out the door.
Following Divine Liturgy, all retired to Repella Hall for Basket Blessings (and a small soaking for each by Fr. Peter) followed by a delicious Agape meal finished off with ice cream sundaes for all.
Christ Is Risen!
Christos Voskrese!
Christos Tensiou!