Fr. James and Matushka Natalie Receive Gramota - 02/26/23

By the grace of God and with the blessing of His Eminence, Archbishop Mark, Archpriest James and Matushka Natalie Jadick received the Diocesan Gramota for their service to the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania and especially for their ministry in the Holy Ascension Orthodox Church in Frackville, PA, that lasted over a decade.
Father and Matushka received it and were welcomed by the Holy Ascension parish on the Sunday of Forgiveness, Feb 26, 2023. Priest Vjekoslav, on the behalf of the Diocese, presented them the Gramota following Liturgy. Forgiveness Vespers was served immediately after and was followed by the luncheon in honor of Father James and Matushka Natalie.
Holy Ascension parishioners, as well as the new priest and his family, were glad to welcome their former rector and matushka, and to show their love, support and appreciation for their service to this parish.
May our Lord God grant them many blessed and peaceful years in their retirement.