4th Sunday After Pentecost Celebration with Archbishop Mark - 07/10/22

On Sunday, July 10, the Divine Liturgy was served by Archbishop Mark and Fr. Nikolai Breckenridge rector, assisted by Mitered Archpriest James Mason and Deacon Geoffrey LoBalbo, Altar Servers, and the St. Nicholas Choir, directed by Reader Nicholas Lezinsky.
During the service, Fr. Nikolai was awarded the ‘Kamilavka’ and the ‘Right to Wear the Gold Cross’ by Archbishop Mark.
After the Divine Liturgy, a pizza luncheon was served in Chernay Fellowship Hall. Delicious pizza, salad and Christian fellowship were enjoyed by all who attended. We were all blessed to have Fr. Nikolai’s parents present to enjoy the celebration.
We wish Fr. Nikolai “Many Blessed Years” at St. Nicholas.