Festive Liturgy at All Saints for Sts. Peter and Paul - 06/29/22

On Wednesday, 29 June 2022 the faithful of All Saints held a festive Liturgy for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul.  In order to show their appreciation for those who served the parish through their time without a priest through late 2021 and early 2022,  the parish extended an invitation to all those priests that served the parish on a regular rotating basis during that period of time.  Joining Priest Paul Witek, Pastor of All Saints, were: Archpriests Stephen Kopestonsky, Michael Evans, David Hester, and John Parker.  The parish was also glad to have Matushka Sandy Kopestonsky, Khouria Anne Hester, and its own Matushka Donna Witek with them on the feast.  The parish also extended its thanks to those who could not attend, including Archpriest Daniel and Matushka Mary Geeza, Archpriest Nicholas Solak, who served a Parish Administrator during this time, as well as Priest Michael Shepherd and family, who presently serve St. Michael's in Old Forge.  Following the Liturgy,  a festive  luncheon was held at Alexander's Restaurant in Mayfield, PA.   Many years to these faithful clergy and their families for their love and care of Christ's Holy Church.