Holy Resurrection Hosts Vespers Service for Deanery - 03/13/22

On March 13th Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers was held @ Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Wilkes Barre. Fr. Nicholas Solak the Dean for the Wilkes Barre Deanery shared a message about the history of the restoration of Icons in the Church. He shared accounts of the suffering of the believers at that time and what it meant to them to defend the Faith and their Tradition. He also shared how fortunate we are to have them as part of our Holy Tradition today and how we should maintain Christian charity to others that don't share in or understand this expression of our Faith. A dinner was held afterwards and there were about 35 faithful and visitors in attendance. As a side note, St. Luke was one of the earliest known iconographers. And he's believed by many to be the first one to create an image of the Holy Theotokos.