Third year STOTS seminarian Fr Michael Shepherd and his Family Matushka Emilia, Blaise, Maximus, Rodion, & Savina celebrating Holy Week and Pascha at home. - 04/19/20

Celebrating at home away from church made us realize just how important the church is but it is not the Church. My family is the Church, the parishioners are the Church, all us praying in our individual homes all together is the Church. This isolation also really made us look at our relationship with Christ and wanted to grow in that relationship during this time of struggle. We all felt it. Even my 6 year old daughter. I am so grateful for my children who stepped up and helped to read the many different readings during the services at home and my wife who relentlessly wanted to sing as much as she could during all the services. I am so grateful for all the clergy who kept the services going inside each parish. I am so grateful for the love, protection, and guidance given to us by our beloved Holy Synod of Bishops during this time of uncertainty. Thank you all. 

With all our love in the risen Christ,
The Shepherds
Fr Michael, Matushka Emilia, Blaise, Maximus, Rodion, & Savina.