Fr. Barnabas Powell Welcomed at Holy Trinity - 10/11/19

On October 11, 2019, Holy Trinity Orthodox Church of Wilkes-Barre welcomed Fr. Barnabas Powell, all the way from Cummings Georgia.
He asked the Church Family the most stunning question, (WHY ARE YOU HERE?)  He then continued with the most motivated, inspirational lecture, had a question & answer session, along with joining the parish in the church parlor for light refreshments.  He also had a special book signing of his publication titled, "A Faith Encouraged."
On Saturday Morning at 8 AM he con-celebrated Divine Liturgy with Fr. Innocent Neal of Holy Trinity and Fr. Gregory White of Holy Resurrection Parish.  Afterwards he joined the parish and friends for an up and close open forum session.  The parishioners gave Fr. Barnabas a fun gift treat of the soft drink Coca-Cola to help Fr. Barnabas feel at home (Coca-Cola originated in Georgia.)  He shared the soft drink with the children, along with posing for a photo.