Diocesen Clergy and Parishioners Meet at St. Nicholas for 55th Diocesan Assembly - 01/24/19

The 55th Annual Diocesan Assembly took place at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Bethlehem, PA on January 24 and 25. Day 1 started with the registration of the parish priests, delegates, and invited guests. The meeting started with “O Heavenly King…” and the committee meetings/reports began for this 2 day Diocesan Assembly. After the first session ended, the entire assembly then moved to St. Nicholas’s sanctuary for the Evening Vespers and Litya.
After the service everyone retired to Chernay Fellowship Hall for a dinner prepared by parish members.
Following the dinner, Archbishop Mark made special presentations. A check was given to Hieromonk Herman who represented St. Tikhon’s Monastery. Two retired priests, Fr. David Schewczyk (not present, but currently living in South Carolina), and Fr. Dan Kovalak were recognized for their work. Many of the priests present, shared their experiences for having the retirees as mentors and friends. Finally, a very special presentation was made to Matushka Sandy Koptestonsky, a former Secretary of the Diocese, for her many years of devotion and servitude.
The evening concluded with a wine and cheese reception provided by the young adults of St. Nicholas Parish.