Faithful chip in to prepare new Diocesan Headquarters - 09/01/18

We were very blessed on September 1 to have our first work day at the new Diocesan Headquarters in Bath. The V Rev Fr Victor Gorodenchuk power washed as much of the north side as he could safely reach. His son Alexander assisted Danalisa Radu in cleaning the upstairs bedrooms, bathrooms and windows as well cleaning the kitchen cabinets. Larry Skvir of St Stephen Cathedral helped demolish a huge architectural drawings cabinet that took about half the day. Larry then continued cleaning the reception area carpet in the basement. Joanne Yurconic Of Holy Trinity Catasauqua did a super job working on the overgrown landscaping under the supervision of her mother. Russell Charowsky mowed the .85 acre three times as it was around 12” tall when he started. He then came inside and worked on other electrical issues. John McGarrity of St Nicholas in Bethlehem worked on demolishing the architectural drawings cabinet and various other projects. We were very blessed by their labors and there is still plenty to do this coming Saturday. We will start arriving around 8:30 am.