Volunteers Honored at Luncheon at St. Nicholas - 01/15/18

On Monday January 15, pierogi workers were honored with a Moliben, and a Panikhida was held for the departed workers at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Bethlehem, PA. A catered luncheon in Chernay Fellowship Hall followed.

After a Blessing by Fr. Matthew and during the luncheon, Sarah Jubinski gave a short report of the donations made to the different church projects and outside organizations from the Altar Society and Pierogi Project. Donations were made to: cleaning of vestments, renovation of the church rectory, maintenance repairs/purchase of new kitchen equipment, Father John Nightingale, St. Tikhon’s Century Association, March of Dimes, Northampton Children’s Bureau, and IOCC Hurricane Relief, to mention a few that were made during this year. Pierogi making continues to be a valuable church project and resource that aids the church and others in our community.

May God grant many blessed healthy years to all our workers, and to all who support the pierogi project. We pray that St. Euphrosini, the patron saint of cooks, will continue to guide our hands as we peel, cut, roll, pinch, boil, pack and sell our pierogis.