St. Nicholas Orthodox Church Welcomes Fr. Matthew Joyner and Family - 11/19/17

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Bethlehem, PA, welcomed Fr. Matthew Joyner as he celebrated his first Divine Liturgy at the parish.  Fr. James Mason spoke on behalf of the congregation, and they warmly greeted Fr. Matthew, Matushka Ashley and their infant son, Liam.  A special coffee hour, sponsored by the Church Council, was held in Chernay Fellowship Hall to honor Fr. Matthew as St. Nicholas’s spiritual leader.  The talents Fr. Matthew and Matushka Ashley bring with them will be an asset to the church, congregation, and community.
May God grant Fr. Matthew and his family, “Many Years”, as we face the future and its challenges together.
The 1st Advent Candle reading was done by the Superintendent of Sunday School, Patricia Grammes, and the candle was lit by student Elizabeth Hockman.