Parish Councils From Around the Diocese Meet for Workshop - 06/03/17

On Saturday, June 3 2017, Parish Council members and clergy from around the Diocese met at Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church in Harrisburg, PA for a parish council workshop entitled “Igniting the Flame,” presented by Bill Marianes.
Attendees learned how to re-organize and re-energize parishes, its ministries, stewardship and effectiveness. Among the topics covered were: What is happening in Christian churches, the effective  Church  model, 7 steps to inspire Engaged Disciples, 10 steps to create a Culture of True Stewardship, 7 steps to develop a consensus vision and strategic plan, a new and more effective Parish operational paradigm and the most effective leadership and communications strategies.
The workshop was presented in support of “cultivating a Mission Mindset,” as discussed at the Diocesan Assembly. It was well attended by the Diocese, and Christ the Saviour were gracious hosts.