Holy Trinity Welcomes Guests for Refugee Charity Dinner - 11/12/16

On November 12, 2016, Hope Sabbagh and Nasser Sabbagh, parishioners of St. George Church in Allentown, PA visited Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Pottstown, PA to give a presentation on the current refugee crisis overseas. A UN Photo Exhibit was set up for the presentation. The parish collected money for Christian Syrian refugees who are the hardest group to get aid to. There are 2 groups of refugees, here in the USA and abroad. The refugees here in the USA are taken care of through UN efforts and other relief agencies. They are provided with housing, food, clothing, medical care, etc. In fact, St. George Church has also provided relief (food, clothing, housing) to the refugees here. The majority of refugees arriving in the Allentown area are Muslim. The  refugees in Syria and abroad do not have housing and are finding refuge in churches and abandoned buildings. These refugees are trying to survive in a desperate situation. St. George Church does send financial support for the refugees in Syria through the Bishops of the Orthodox Church there.