Christ the Saviour Welcomes Guests for Lamentations - 04/29/16

n the evening on Friday, April 29th the community of Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church in Harrisburg, PA gathered for the Matins and Lamentations, in which we sing songs of love and tenderness to our Lord in the Tomb. This service also marks the transition from the solemnity of Holy Friday and our Lord’s Crucifixion and Death, to the first announcements of His harrowing of Hades (Old Testament prophecy of Ezekiel and the resurrection of the “dry bones”; and the Epistle and Gospel lessons), following our return from our procession around the church.
We were blessed by the presence of Archpriest David & M. Mariam Vernak. Fr. David gave an inspired homily “rallying” us to answer Christ’s question to Martha, the sister of Lazarus - “do you believe” in the Resurrection?