Assumption of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church hosts Fourth Sunday of Great Lent Mission Service - 04/10/16

On Sunday, April 10, 2016, the faithful of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church in South Philadelphia, PA welcomed clergy, parishioners and guests for the Saint John of the Ladder Mission Service, with over 85 people in attendance. The service was presided over by host pastor, Father Mark W. Koczak.  The Philadelphia Pan-Orthodox choir, lead by Daniel Drobish, sang and performed beautifully.  The Homily was delivered by Archimandrite Juvenal (Repass), from Saint Tikhon's Monastery.

Archimandrite Juvenal spoke on his upcoming mission trip to Guatemala with the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) to bring people to Christ through helping them plant new churches, train leaders for those churches, and be the Church to their own people.  Archimandrite Juvenal will assist local translators in generating needed liturgical texts in native languages of the Guatemala people using methods and tools of the AGES Translation Management System (TMS).

Following the service, all in attendance were invited to a well prepared lenten meal and Orthodox fellowship that was served in the church basement.