St. Michael’s Center in Jermyn becomes home to Special Olympics - 10/25/15

Field Day for Special Olympics was held on Sunday, October 25th at St. Michael’s Center in Jermyn, PA. It was a day filled with games and activities. The food was generously provided by St. Michael’s as their continued out-reach to the greater community. Fr. John blessed the food for the young Olympians
Northeastern Special Olympics Area (P) encompasses five counties of NEPA, which is the largest Special Olympics Area in the state. The area feeds into the state Special Olympics which in turn feeds the National and finally the International Special Olympics.
Currently Area (P) is involved in athletic venues for their kids. Bocce Ball, Soccer, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Golf just to mention a few. The director of Area (P)’s son won the National golf Silver Medal in California in 2014. This was quite an accomplishment.
St Michael’s Orthodox Center is proud and honored to have Area (P) of the Special Olympics as part of our church/community family. Our fields have become their home for Soccer practice and games as well as Bocce Ball contests. We look to expand our commitment to them in the future. Special Olympics Area (P) kids call St. Michael’s Orthodox Center field “THEIR HOME”!