Christ the Saviour honors 2014 Graduates - 06/01/14

 On Sunday, June 1st the community of Christ the Saviour honored its 2014 High School and College Graduates. We pray that our Lord would continue to bless them and grant them many years!

Prayer for our Graduates:
O Lord, grateful of Thy great benefits which Thou hast so richly bestowed upon us in Thy loving-kindness, we bless and give thanks to Thee and we beseech Thee to look graciously upon us and these graduates, who have completed their courses of study. Pour into their hearts, minds, and upon their lips, the spirit of wisdom, understanding, piety, and godly fear; enlighten them with the light of Thy knowledge, and bestow upon them strength and steadfastness, that they may quickly  apprehend and willingly  embrace all that they have received which is good and profitable, and in accordance with Thy Divine law.
Grant that they grow in wisdom and understanding. May they  prosper in good works for the glorification of Thy Holy Name. Give them health and long life that they may labor for the building up and glory of Thy holy Church, this nation, and of all Thy people. For Thou art our God, Who is mighty in mercy and  gracious in strength, and to Thee we send up glory: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages  of ages. Amen.