Memorial Service • Olyphant

Memorial Service for Departed at All Saints - 03/18/2022

On Friday, 18 March 2022 the faithful of All Saints Orthodox Church in Olyphant gathered for a Panikhida to remember all the faithful departed of the parish community. This service coincided with the first Soul Saturday of the Great Fast. The service was celebrated by Father Michael Evans, with a choir led by David Brzuchalski singing the responses.  At the service, all the names of the faithful departed collected over the history of the parish were recited by name,  offering up the community’s prayers that God would keep them in His Eternal Memory.  At the conclusion of the service,  the faithful partook of blessed Koliva, reminding us that the faithful departed are kept in the sweetness of God’s mercy until Christ comes in Glory. Memory Eternal to all those that have departed this life in the hope the Resurrection. 

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